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Our miner hosting packages

At MyMiningSpace we offer three kind of packages for hosting your miner with us. We charge either monthly or yearly based on how many KW you have in use in our facility. Example: An average GPU miner (6GPU) has a usage of around 950 watts. The price calculation for our basic package would be: 0.95*98= $93.1 monthly. This price includes all costs with exception of not included services and shipping. If you have uncertainties about prices do not hesitate to contact us. Price deduction is possible starting at a minimum of 10 miners being placed with us. Find out below which package fits you best.


This is our most basic package and recommended for experienced miners who do not expect to need alot of extra services.


This is our more premium package and is recommended for fairly new miners who do not expect to need alot of extra hardware and support services.


This is our business package and recommended for miners who would like their miners to be fully managed by us.

Basic Package

This is our most basic package. It is ideal for already experienced cryptominers. For newcomers this package is not recommended since alot of extra services are not included in the monthly fee and will be offered for additional charges.

Price: $98 per KW in use, charged monthly *Additional services may not be included
Manage your rig remotely

We make sure every miner that is send to us will be available remotely. You can either install the remote access software on the miner yourself before sending it to us or if you wish we can install our remote access software on it and share the login details with you, free of charge! You will have full access to the miner with the software from the comfort of your home.

Free rebooting

Cryptominers are still computers, it is possible for unexpected bugs to appear. Luckily alot of the times a simple reboot solves this problem. We will reboot your system free of charge. If this does not solve the problem we will look further in to it. Further services could possibly not be included free of charge.

24/7 Automated alert monitoring & security

If you decide to use our remote access software you will receive alerts 24/7 in case something goes wrong or we have updates on your miner. We will also receive alerts to know in time if specific precautions need to be taken.

Free set-up costs

As soon as we receive your miner we will start setting it up immediately, this will of course be free of charge assuming the  miner is plug & play ready. Please contact us for the cost of building a miner from seperate parts or simply acquire our business package to receive this service free of charge on all your miners.

Premium Package

This is our more premium package it is recommendend for fairly new miners who do not need any free of charge hardware services. We will handle setting up all the software aspects of the miners for you this may also include installing operating system, changing coins being mined, setting up a mining pool and more. Software malfunction reparations will be free of charge. Price: $108 per KW in use, charged monthly *Includes all above services

Manage your rig by professionals

We will monitor your rig and make appropriate changes if we notice any difficulties with the miner. These services are limited to software based solutions

Free software support & installation

Do you have problems with connecting to mining pools, installing operating systems, switching coins to mine or any other software based uncertainties. Our technicians will do this for you free of charge.

Free overclocking options

Overclocking is a way to push your graphic cards a little further for extra hash power. We do this safely by raising memory clock levels of your graphic cards and decreasing other levels which are not neccessary for mining. This way your GPU mines optimally and uses as little as possible power usage. This way your monthly fee will also decrease.

Business Package

This is our business package, it’s ideal for people who would like to place big amounts of miners with us but either do not have the time or knowledge to manage them. Clients that opt-in for this package will receive full support from a personally allocated consultant who stands ready for you 24/7. We will take care of every aspect of your miner for you. The wallet codes where your coins will be mined to will still be in your full control. We can not access these neither do we want to in connection with safety measures. Price: $127 per KW in use, charged monthly *Includes all above services Note: hardware reparation services will be free of charge. In case of hardware defects extra costs may appear for part replacements, always with your consent of course.

Free hardware support

Whenever an hardware problem occurs with your miner our mechanics will get on it as fast as possible. They will find out the problem and fix it, in case no replacements parts are needed. If it’s the contrary your personal consultant will contact you to talk about the best solution, the final decision will always be yours.

Free miner assembly & reparation services

You can send the neccesary miner parts to us and we will assemble & install your miner. Send parts will normally be build within 24 hours after we receive them.

Priority service support

In case of problems that may occur your miners will be the first to be looked at. You can contact your personal consultant at any time when problems may occur. This could either be by message or call.

Personal consultation

Your personal consultant will offer you one hour of consultation per week to inform about the newest developments in mining which could be interesting to you for earning more revenue. This is only by your choice and always fully optional, the option is always there.

We also buy miners directly from our supplier and have them send to us for you.

Are you currently not in the possession of any miners or have no idea where to find them? Do not worry. We have a supply chain from where we order the miners we run for personal use in our facility. If you are interested in ordering miners through us please contact us.

GPU Miners

We order our GPU miner parts directly from our supplier in China. Please let us know either your budget or the cards you want to mine with and we will send you our prices. GPU Miner parts usually arrive within 2 weeks after ordering them.

Setting up

If you order miners through us we will set everything up for no extra costs within 24hours after receiving the GPU miner parts or ASIC miners.

ASIC Miners

Because of the big monopoly on ASIC miners we do not offer the option to buy ASIC miners through us currently. However if you are interested we can help you find out the current best place to order them. You can fill in our adress on the ordering page so we will receive it directly and set it up for you.