Agatangeghos St 7, (Yerevan) Armenia

We are opening co-location hosting soon

Pre-register unconditionally to be sure of a space in our facility


Our mining facility is secured and monitored 24/7. Outside of the building We have a gate secured by guards. Inside the facility there will always be someone available. There are security camera’s placed all over the facility. Out of extra security measures we do not disclose the exact location of the facility.


We offer different hosting packages customed to your personal needs. You could choose to place your miner and manage it remotely or you can let us manage it for you. Our mechanics could also assist with putting your miner together. Contact us for more information


Our mining facility is being build in a former production factory located in the capital of Armenia, Yerevan. Yerevan is known for it’s extremely low crime rate and great tolerance to crypto-related businesses.


Because of our low costs we charge our customers only $98/1KW-month. That’s all, no other costs apart from shipping your devices.

What do we offer?

Below you see all three packages we currently offer. They vary in price according to your needs. Here at we are very flexible. We accept GPU miners as well as ASIC miners. If there are any other services you request please contact us for more information, here.

Note: Below prices are not in KWH, these are the full prices you pay per month for each KW in use. An average 6GPU RX580 miner uses around 0.8-0.95 KW per month. So 0.95*98=  an estimate of $93.1 a month to host one 6GPU miner with us.


  • Manage your rig remotely
  • 24/7 Alert monitoring & security
  • One free reboot per day
  • Only $98 a month per KW in use
  • Other services not included
More Info


  • Manage your rig by professionals
  • Free software support & installation
  • Free overclocking options
  • Only $108 a month per KW in use
  • Other services not included
*Includes all basic functions More Info


  • Free hardware support
  • Free miner assembly
  • Free mainentance & reparation services
  • Priority service support
  • Personal consultation: 1 hour per week
  • Only $127 a month per KW in use
*Includes all premium functions More Info

Please pre-register here

We are opening our facility very soon, at this moment the last modifications are being done. Pre-register below to be the first to know when we open our doors.